Congratulations on choosing to participate in 123’s Pay-Per-Call Services!

After completing our registration process, your information will be seen across the countless advertising listings we deploy on the web. Each day, thousands of prospective patients look through our listings in search of a local chiropractor. From the search results, new patients will call you via the unique phone number that appears on your profile. Each call will be tracked and recorded so that you only pay for qualified phone calls.

You WILL NOT be charged for:
Solicitations, Existing Patients, Wrong Numbers, or Hang-ups.

Before you are billed, all calls will be analyzed by our Quality Control Team and you will not be charged if the call does not meet the requirements listed above. In addition, you can listen to the recordings and view the transcripts so that you can contest any calls you feel were billed in error. Finally, each recording and transcript is available for download so that you can use them to train your staff.

Pricing is as follows:
$39.95 per month to list, $50 per qualified phone call.

There are no long-term contracts with and you are free to cancel at any time.

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