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Welcome to the 123Chiropractors.com blog, your daily source for all the latest news and chatter pertaining to chiropractic. Our blog is an interactive and personal approach to learn about all the latest topics of interest from leading experts in the field in a quick and accessible manner. Read our blog for current news, commentary, analysis, and tips. If you have any specific topics you’d like to read about contact us at:
Effective Management of Your Chiropractic Office
This blog post by Dr. David Smaldone DC of New Paltz, NY, discusses the optimal ways to manage your chiropractic office. Dr. Smaldone is an Advisory Board Member of 123Chiropractors...
Patient Compliance For Your Practice
This blog by Dr. David Smaldone of Smaldone Chiropractic in New Paltz, New York, is about patient compliance. As Dr. Smaldone points out, patient compliance is critical to your practice, ...
SEO Tips from 123 Chiropractors - Volume 5
This latest version of the 123 SEO Tips discusses the use of graphics, flash, and images on your website and how to associate alternate text for seach engine optimization purposes. ..
SEO Tips from 123 Chiropractors - Volume 4
In Volume 4 of our SEO Tips, we discuss the critical components of the each webpage - in particular, the Page Title, the Meta Description, The Meta Keywords, and the Headers. Knowing how ...
SEO Tips from 123 Chiropractors - Volume 3
In this latest version of our 123 SEO Tips and Strategies we discuss the theming of pages on your website. It is very important that the search engines can clearly capture the theme of each ...
SEO Tips from 123 Chiropractors - Volume 2
Welcome to Volume 2 of our SEO Tips and Strategies Series! In the edition of our SEO Tips we discuss the finalization of your keywords and the overall structure of your website. The keywords ...
SEO Tips from 123 Chiropractors - Volume 1
This is Volume 1 of the 123 Series of SEO Tips for Chiropractors. In this first volume we discuss the definition of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) as well as introduce the art of keyword ...
The Proper Experience
During our office hours each day in a chiropractic office, our routines may be simple: We go to work, we work, and then we leave. Rarely do we sit back and look at our practices in an objective ...
Patient of the week in your chiropractic practice
Today is a time to reflect on having a Patient of the Week in your chiropractic office.
Red Flag Rule Update
This update to the Red Flag Rule is presented by Brandy Beeson Brimhall of Total Practice Resources
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