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Effective Management of Your Chiropractic Office

This blog post by Dr. David Smaldone DC of New Paltz, NY, discusses the optimal ways to manage your chiropractic office. Dr. Smaldone is an Advisory Board Member of 123Chiropractors.com.

Being a Chiropractor can be one of the most challenging professions in the world. We often well opposition from patients, MD’s, and even other chiropractors on what they think a chiropractor is or should be. As you know almost every person has some view of chiropractic even before you meet them. Which often times they reflect on  you before they even know who you are of how much you care about your patients etc. On top of all that hopefully you have to run a busy chiropractic practice.


Managing a successful chiropractic office requires the chiropractor to wear two metaphorical hats. 1) The chiropractor must be the loving caring health professional with great adjusting skills. 2) The chiropractor needs to be a business person. Approximately 80% of the chiropractic population has number one on the list. However, only 40% of the population has a grip on the business side of chiropractic due to its vast complexity.


There is one area of chiropractic business that can make your office run efficiently and smooth while saving you tons of money:


Automation is the key. This is the most important thing you can do, so please pay close attention. Anything you can do to help your office do automatically will help as long as it doesn’t cost you too much. Let’s look at a great example: Do I upgrade to a computer software that makes me take notes faster and checks in my patients? Well we have to consider the cost lets say $5000. Is it worth it? As a general rule if any investment in your office makes or saves you money in two years or less it is a great purchase. Let’s do some simple math to find out if it works for our office. If I spend 3minutes writing a note on each patient, and about 1.5 minutes having my receptionist great and check the patient in. So that’s about 4.5 minutes spent on each person. So hypothetically, I have 20 people coming in that day, that is 90 minutes spent per day spent doing those simple things. If I spend 1 minute on automated notes and change what needs to be changed and they check them selves in on a log in computer. You literally just saved 70minutes of work time per day over the year that will save you approximately 23days of work (1.6hrs x 4 days x 50wks= 233hrs/10hrs of work per day= 23 days)!!! So paying someone for ten hours @ 15dollars a hours for 23 days in one year will save us $3450 a year in man hours worked. You almost pay off you investment in just one year that an amazing investment!    

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